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My Specialty Areas:
Relationship Problems
Couples Counseling

Diane Fleischman, MSW, LCSW
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Who I Work With

Emotional problems like anxiety, depression and relationship struggles can significantly effect your life. They can create problems in your work, and social relationships resulting in heightened nervousness, tension and interrupted sleep.

You may feel low self-esteem, lonely and lacking in self-confidence. There may be periods of hopelessness as you don't know how to change your situation leaving you feeling stuck. Unresolved trauma may be the underlying cause of anxiety, depression and painful relationship patterns. These memories may become sealed in the brain and nervous system and able to be triggered by current situations.

Major traumas might be:
     •   Death of someone important to you
     •  Abuse- Physical, Sexual or Emotional
     •  Rejection or abandonment by someone important to you
     •  Failed relationship
     •  Illness, injury or health issue
     •  Accident
     •  Invasive medical procedures

More subtle interpersonal events can cause distress especially if you are sensitive. Some events are:
     •  Hostile family interactions
     •  Feeling shunned by someone
     •  Humiliation by someone important
     •  Constant criticism or ridicule
     •  Embarrassment by a co-worker or supervisor
     •  Feeling of inadequacy to meet expectations

Counseling for anxiety, depression and relationship problems can be effective in overcoming your emotional pain. Through therapy you can experience release from the dysfunctional patterns that have undermined your ability to feel happy and fulfilled in life.